Vocality offers specialist consultation for a range of clients. This includes those with:

  • Voice disorder (dysphonia) who may experience a change in voice quality such as strain, roughness, breathiness or weakness and associated throat discomfort.

  • Upper airway disorder which may include chronic cough, irritable larynx and paradoxical vocal fold movement/laryngospasm. 

Symptoms and their subsequent impact vary from client to client; our holistic treatment program is therefore tailored to meet your individual needs. All face-to-face sessions are carried out within the welcoming clinic rooms at Ropata Health, Lower Hutt.

Please note that in most cases, a consultation with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) and/or respiratory physician is required prior to receiving treatment with us. We can help to direct you to appropriate services so please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss further.

Initial consultation​
An initial consultation typically includes a thorough assessment via case history gathering, questionnaires and perceptual acoustic analysis. We will discuss your individual circumstances and establish goals for treatment. You will be given advice and education regarding how to care for your voice and larynx. You will receive a written report summarising this information which will be shared with your referrer. 

Treatment and follow-up
Therapy will typically be introduced in your follow-up consultation. This is to enable adequate time to establish appropriate and safe techniques. The treatment program should be carried out both in clinic and at home in order to be effective and achieve carry over of what you have learnt in the clinic room. We may use voice recordings to provide feedback of your vocal functioning and track your progress. The number of therapy sessions advised will vary depending on your individual circumstances and the commitment that is made to practice. This usually ranges from two to six consultations and we offer virtual options depending on your individual preferences and needs.

As we are conscious about looking after our environment, we endeavour to send all correspondence including treatment materials via e-mail.