Vocality is a private Speech-language Therapy service working predominantly with adults who experience challenges with communication and swallowing. Vocality is founded by Sam Read, Speech-language Therapist. She believes in everyone as individuals. Those who can understand what's happening for them are best equipped to manage their own health journeys. That's why you can expect to receive education and advice alongside thorough assessment and a tailored and holistic management plan with your personal goals firmly at the centre. The aim? To offer the tools to empower you to overcome and/or manage your challenges now and for the future.  You will be supported by online materials, access to a therapist when you need it and assistance in generalising what you've learned in clinic into your everyday life. 

Speech and Language Therapy 

Providing specialist assessment and treatment to empower you to reach your full potential.

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What my clients say...

I started meeting with Samantha because my voice was becoming noticeably croaky over the past year. Sam very quickly got to the cause of this for me and we started working on a series of exercises to strengthen my vocal cords and control my voice. After six sessions, my voice had noticeably improved. I now have the techniques to control my voice better and use my voice more efficiently. Thank you Sam.

Alan, Wellington

Working with Sam was a pleasure, she was very professional and knowledgeable. She was very good at finding the vocal exercises that worked the best for me, and would lead to my rapid recovery. She was always able to understand problems that I had trouble describing well. 10/10

Caleb, Wellington

I found my referral to Samantha Read very beneficial in helping me deal with my vocal cord dysfunction symptoms.  I had become quite anxious about my condition as it had been undiagnosed for some time.  Sam was very informative about my symptoms and also very reassuring, understanding and patient in her manner when explaining such things as breathing exercises. Thanks Sam for all your help.

Tina, Wellington